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SEMAH is an online conduit for resources to  help build bridges to safer communities especially those that are not well served. We have a special focus on the Muslim and inter-faith communities.



Arab Cultural and Community Center
Phone: 1-415-664-2200

Ann Martin Children's Center (counseling)
Phone: 1-510-655-7880

A Safe Place Oakland area
Phone: 1-510-536-7233

Alameda County
A Safe Place: 1-510-536-7233

Afghan Coaltion: 510-745-1680

Ann Martin's Children's Center (counseling): 510-655-7880

Bay Area Legal Aid: 510-663-4755

Bay Area Women Against Rape: 510-845-7273

Building Futures with Women and Children: 866-A-WAY-OUT

City of Berkeley Referral: 1-510-981-5300

Family Violence Law Center: 510-208-0220

Feminist Therapy: 800-309-2131

La Clinicia De La Raza: 510-535-4170

Maternal and Child Health Referral: 1-866-INFO

Mujeres Con Esperanza (Drug and Alcohol Support Programs): 510-536-4764

Narika (Helpline for South Asian Women): 800-215-7308
Travelers Aid Society: 1-510-444-6834

S.A.V.E. Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments: 510-794-6055

Tri-Valley Haven: 800-884-8119



Building Futures with Women and Children
Phone: 1-866-A-WAY-OUT

Bay Area Women Against Rape (Support for Victims of Sexual Assault)
Phone: 1-510-845-7273



Contra Costa County
Maternal/Child Health Referral: 1-800-696-9644
Emergency Shelter and Services: 1-800-808-6444
California Youth Crisis Line: 1-800-843-5200

STAND! For Families Free of Violence: 888-215-5555



Feminist Therapy Referral

Phone: 1-510-843-2949



Kern County

Alliance Against Family Violence & Sexual Assault: 661-322-0931


La Clinica De La Raza (Spanish Helpline)
Phone: 1-510-535-4170

Los Angeles County

1736 Family Crisis Center 323-345-2686

New Star Family Justice Center 

(213) 745-6434

Peace Over Violence: 310-392-8381

SAHARA (South Asian Help Line & Referral Agency): 888-724-2722

SAN (South Asian Network): 562-403-0488



Phone: 1-800-799-SAFE

Marin County
Maternal/Child Health Referral: 1-800-230-2955
Marin County Women's health Services: 1-415-507-4030
Marin County 24-hour Crisis Line: 1-800-999-9999
Marin County Family Emergency Services: 1-415-454-7418
Mujeres Con Esperanza (Drug and Alcohol Support Programs): 1-510-536-4764



National Domestic Violence Hotline
Phone: 1-800-799-7233

Narika (Helpline for South Asian Women) - Berkeley but also in Fremont
Phone: 1-800-215-7308



Parental Stress
Phone: 1-800-829-3777



S.A.V.E. Shelter Against Violent Environments
STAND! Against Domestic Violence(Serving Contra Costa County): 1-888-215-5555

San Mateo County
Maternal/Child Health Referral: 1-888-840-0889
Seton New Life Center: 1-650-301-8875
Family Stress /Suicide Prevention: 1-650-692-6655
Cora: Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse: 1-650-312-8515

Santa Clara County
Maitri - Helping Women Help Themselves: 888-862-4874

Maternal/Child Health Referral: 1-800-310-2332
Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence: 1-408-279-2962
Support Network for Battered Women: (800)572-2782

San Francisco County
Women and Children's Health Referral: 1-800-300-9950
Connecting Point: 1-415-442-5134
Homeless Prenatal Program: 1-415-546-6756
Asian Women Shelter: 1-877-751-0880
Sage Project: 1-415-905-5050

CUAV (Community United Against Violence): 415-777-5500

W.O.M.A.N., Inc. (Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc.): 415-864-4722

SFWAR (San Francisco Women Against Rape): 415-861-2024

Santa Cruz County
Walnut Avenue Family & Women's Center: 866-2MY-ALLY

Women's Crisis Support: 800-900-4232 

Solano County
Information and Referral: 1-800-400-6001
Health and Social Services: 1-800-794-7422
Safe Quest: 1-866-487-7233



Tri-Valley Haven for Women Livemore Arab Cultural Center
Phone: 1-800-884-8119