American Muslim Voice
Civil Liberties, Community Bridge Building, Phone: (650) 387-1994


APAA Individual, Family & Child Psychotherapy Assessment/English/Farsi
(510) 445-1015


Arab Cultural and Community Cente

(415) 664-2200

Dr. Roya
(510) 228-9364


Multi-Lingual Counseling
(510) 451-0661

(510) 228-9364


Muslim Community Association-Islamic Family Counseling
(408) 727-7277


NISA (North American Islamic Shelter for the Abused)

(888) ASK-NISA


Peaceful Families Project

The Afghan Coalition
Dr. Farid Younos (510) 574-2180


World Alliance for Humanity
The Human Prosperity Center


SEMAH is an online conduit for resources to  help build bridges to safer communities especially those that are not well served. We have a special focus on the Muslim and inter-faith communities.

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