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Support Services: Domestic Violence Advocacy Agency

  • Counseling services

  • Community education

  • Referrals to other resources

  • Special Latino outreach

  • Emergency shelter, transitional housing

  • Accompaniment for those going to court


Support Services: Rape Crisis Center

  • Hospital and law enforcement accompaniment

  • Counseling services

  • Community education


Legal Services

  • Assist with temporary restraining orders (RTO)

  • Assists with child custody, visitation, and support

  • Provide support, guidance, accompaniment, advocacy with law enforcement


Medical Services

  • Screen for domestic violence and report injuries that result from assault

  • Refer to resources

  • Public Health (Public Health Nursing-home visiting, prevention activities, e.g. youth violence prevention)

Adult Protective Services

  • Take reports of suspected abuse of adults 65 and older, dependent adults 18-64

  • Provide emergency response, if necessary

  • Investigate adult abuse reports

  • Develops safety plans for adults Provide information and guidance

Child Protective Services

  • Take reports of suspected child abuse

  • Provide emergency response, if necessary

  • Investigate child abuse

  • Develop safety plans for children

  • Provide information and guidance


Criminal Justice Services: Law Enforcement

  • Responds to 911 calls

  • Gives information cards to victims

  • Arrests suspected offenders

  • Obtains Emergency Protective Orders (EPO)

  • Collaborates with DV advocates

  • Investigates crimes

  • Provides civil stand-by

Criminal Justice Services: District Attorney's Office

  • Prosecutes criminal cases

  • Provides victim advocate services

  • Reviews police reports

  • Files criminal charges

Criminal Justice Services: Victim Center Provides financial services for:

  • Counseling

  • Medical expenses

  • Emergency relocation

  • Motel vouchers

  • Residential security

  • Temporary lodging

  • Lost income

  • Emergency petty cash

  • Assistance with criminal court process

Criminal Justice Services: Adult Probation

  • Monitors those who are convicted of domestic violence

  • Requires attendance at batterer treatment groups

  • Certifies batterer intervention programs

Intervention Services

  • Provide groups for people who abuse

  • May speak English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese

  • Offer sliding-scale fees

  • Are open to court-referred and self-referred clients

  • Offer referrals for victim services

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